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Standard Rigid Plastic Fire Action Notice Sign for Indoors or Outdoors

Fulfil an essential part of fire safety legislation with this sign


£10.35 ex. VAT
£5.18 ex. VAT ( £6.22 inc. VAT)

  • Spaces included to fill in specific details about your procedures
  • Standard, recognisable layout for easy understanding and full compliance
  • Strong rigid plastic construction for hard-wearing performance indoors and out

Fires are a risk in any business, and you never know when one might break out. Because of this, fire safety legislation means you need to think about your procedures in advance and have a full plan in place for emergencies. This fire action notice sign is an integral part of informing staff, visitors and customers of the procedures for fires, and its design should be recognisable to many people as it's displayed prominently in all businesses.

Fire exit signs are important because they help people find a safe way to leave the building if there's a fire, but it's important not to forget other signs as well. This fire action sign has spaces for you to write in extra details specific to your organisation, so people can quickly find the information they need in an emergency.

This includes a space in which to write the number to call for the fire brigade, and another to add the route people should take to leave. Another space lets you write in the location of your assembly point, which is where people should gather a safe distance from the building in order to be counted, to ensure nobody has been left behind.

In addition to the customisable sections of the sign, it includes general information to let people know what they should do and how they should act in a fire, for example, to sound the alarm, avoid taking risks, and to tackle the fire with a fire extinguisher if they're able to.

The sign is made from strong, durable rigid plastic, and it's suitable for use indoors or outdoors. This gives you the freedom to display it wherever it will be most easily seen, helping you fulfil your legal duties to provide sufficient safety information. The two sections of the sign are coloured blue and red, which helps distinguish positive and negative information and make the messages easier to understand. Having all the essential fire safety advice on a single sign is a reliable way to maximise safety in your workplace.

Additional Information

Material Rigid Plastic (1.5mm) – Indoor & Outdoor Use
Size (H x W) 250 x 100mm

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