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Pre-Rolled Tubular Finger Bobs

Pre rolled tubular finger bandages.


£6.50 ex. VAT
£3.25 ex. VAT ( £3.90 inc. VAT)
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Sterile pack of six bandages
  • Protects injured fingers

Finger injuries occur frequently on industrial and commercial sites, particularly where tools and machines are in use. Fast, effective treatment of any injury through on-site First Aid can prevent permanent damage and in many cases, allow the employee to go back to work right away. All workplaces are required by law to have First Aid supplies available on site, and these finger bandages are an ideal part of any good first aid store.

Finger bobs are rolled gauze bandages which can be quickly and easily applied to the injured area. Use as a pad to stem bleeding or add a splint and plastic finger stalls for suspected breaks. Finger stalls can also protect the finger bobs from wet conditions and during outdoor work. The finger bandages are designed to keep wounds clean and to support injuries. Elastic in the gauze holds the bandage in place and provides tubular support - also effective for suspected strains and sprains. The breathable gauze allows air to circulate to the wound underneath, while keeping germs and dirt out of the affected area.

Each finger bob is designed for single use, with six bandages in each pack in case of multiple wounds to digits. They can be useful for workers with long-term injuries who wish to return to work, but need protection for an ongoing injury. There is also support for their use in RSI flare-ups - common in manual labour tasks. Order as a standalone product where finger injury is a high risk, or combine with the rest of your First Aid supplies for a safer workplace.

Additional Information

Colour(s) White
Material Pre-rolled tubular gauze bandage
Supplied in Pack of 6

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