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200kg capacity office shelving solutions

A smart and simple solution for a range of filing requirements


From: £61.95 ex. VAT ( £74.34 inc. VAT)

  • Made from high quality metal
  • Adjustable shelves for flexible storage
  • Can sit on any flat surface

Various paper items need to be filed and stored in any working environment, even in today’s digitally dominated world. Our file shelving solution offers a neat way to store paperwork, by enabling it to be stored in A4 files and then stacked on to shelving units.

Our file shelving, also known as file storage systems, paperwork storage displays and A4 filing cabinets, have adjustable shelves that can be positioned at varying distances apart to enable ultimate flexibility, whatever your storage needs or available space. They offer a smart and practical way to keep paperwork safe and organised, fitting easily against any wall.

The shelving units come with a selection of cardboard files, which can be labelled so that it is easy to find specific paperwork when you need it. The files stack neatly next to each other on the shelves, ensuring that the display looks tidy and paperwork is kept in the best possible condition. If you would like a shelving storage system that can conceal its contents, our storage shelves with plastic boxes present an ideal solution.

As our file shelving units have a sturdy metal frame, they can be placed on any flat surface, without the need to be bolted down. The freestanding units are designed to maintain a secure standing position, particularly when filled with the A4 files. For industrial environments that require more robust shelving solutions, our industrial safety shelving can be used to store a variety of heavy and potentially hazardous items, keeping them safely stacked away and out of harm’s way.

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