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Lightweight fall arrest tripod

Versatile tripod used to lower workers below ground


£545.00 ex. VAT ( £654.00 inc. VAT)
  • Combines with the JSP Fall Arrest Winch
  • Weighs only 13kg to ensure easy manoeuvrability
  • Meets the EN795 safety standard

Together with the winch, the fall arrest tripod provides a convenient system for lowering workers below ground. Both the tripod and the winch meet their relevant safety standards, and the tripod's construction is sturdy enough to provide safe support to workers, while still being lightweight and manoeuvrable.

The fall arrest tripod can be adjusted in terms of both its height and its width in order to allow it to be placed in a stable fashion on the maximum possible number of different types of underlying terrain. The winch has a maximum load capacity of 135kg, allowing it to carry workers and tools safely.

A variety of different safety harnesses can be used with the tripod and winch. These are configured to allow workers to safely engage in different activities while suspended from the tripod. Some incorporate lanyards that allow tools to be conveniently and safely attached to the worker.

As well as the more conventional harnesses, a fall protection backpack can be used at low heights in order to allow the suspended worker to take supplies along with him whilst he is lowered. This incorporates a two point harness to ensure that the worker is held safely.

Having access to reliable safety equipment is a necessary prerequisite to undertaking any job that requires workers to be suspended below ground. JSP's fall arrest tripod and winch ensure the safety of those who use them. The combined weight of the tripod and winch is only 22kg, which makes them easy to transport and manoeuvre into position. For more hardware and connector solutions, Safetyshop stocks a variety of other products so you can find the most suitable option for your workplace.

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Brand JSP®
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