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Adjustable Polycarbonate or Acetate Face Shield with Green Option

Full-face protection for a range of harmful environments

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From: £15.30 ex. VAT ( £18.36 inc. VAT)

  • Polycarbonate version is suitable for mechanical impact protection
  • Clear acetate face shield protects against harmful chemicals
  • Green acetate guards against sparks and bright light, ideal for welding

Eye protection varies dramatically depending on the hazards it's designed to guard against. For particularly dangerous environments, a full face shield gives the wearer total protection against hazards, keeping not just the eyes, but the whole sensitive face area, safe.

It's important to get precisely the right sort of protection for the job and this face shield comes in three different types to cover different hazards. Whatever the particular danger happens to be, make sure people know they should wear a face shield with our simple but effective warning sign, which lets people know safety glasses or goggles aren't enough.

For environments where there's a risk of physical impacts, the polycarbonate face shield provides the protection you need. Its tough construction is ideal for work with a risk of flying pieces of debris, such as when using chainsaws and other power tools that can cause small pieces of materials to fly towards the face.

If your work involves handling chemicals, the clear acetate face shield is the one for the job. Acetate provides excellent protection against chemical splashes, keeping the eyes and the skin of the face safe and covered. Install one of our lens cleaning stations in the work area so that people can keep their face shields clean, helping them maintain clear vision.

The green acetate face shield provides physical and chemical protection, but also stops sparks and bright light from damaging vision. This makes it a great choice for welding, although if you also need protection against heat, our gold-plated face shield visor is recommended for extra safety.

These face shields are CE marked and comply with EN 166. The visors are attached to a highly-visible yellow mount, with a comfortable band keeping them firmly in place during long periods of wear. The crown support is adjustable, and a ratchet control adjustable headband and brow guards help you get a perfect fit, making the face shield a pleasure to wear and reducing fatigue and discomfort.

A comfortable design helps encourage people to wear full face protection, which is a reliable way to ensure they're guarded against injury in tough environments.

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