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Face Protection Required Beyond This Point' PPE Awareness Floor Strips

Create a virtual barrier to remind staff to wear appropriate PPE before entering a hazardous area

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From: £42.10 ex. VAT ( £50.52 inc. VAT)
  • BS EN ISO 7010 compliant face protection symbol
  • Anti-slip laminate coating prevents accidents
  • Adheres to clean and smooth surfaces within seconds

These durable floor strips are designed to remind staff of your compulsory protocols for wearing appropriate face protection before entering key areas. The strips are compliant with current legislation regarding mandatory PPE usage, and by placing the reminder on the floor, you maximise visibility for pedestrians, since we tend to naturally look to the floor as we walk. A tough, anti-slip laminate coating ensures that the strips do not become a hazard to those who walk over them.

The strips have a very strong adhesive on the reverse side which will form a powerful seal with almost any smooth, clean surface, though we recommend using our Primer for Heavy Duty Floor Signs to achieve the best results. We also advise you use the heavy duty variety of these floor strips for high-traffic or outdoor areas. For indoor applications in areas with medium to low traffic, the standard variety is most suitable.

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