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Aluminium, lockable external poster frames

Weather and vandal-resistant poster frames

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From: £54.99 ex. VAT ( £65.99 inc. VAT)
  • Sturdy, durable aluminium
  • Incredibly secure: both lockable and vandal-proof
  • Easily wall-mountable

In a hazardous working environment, there are various warnings and guidance signs that need to be displayed. Every construction site and office should display a range of easy-to-view information, to ensure the maximum safety of staff.

Our external poster frames, also known as poster display units, external notice boards and external poster boxes, are ideal units within which to display important safety and wayfinding information. They come complete with lockable cabinet lids, which are fully water tight, water resistant and vandal proof. They are easy to open and close, using the keys supplied, and can also be hooked open by locking the display unit’s hinges in place.

The poster frames are made from high quality aluminium metal, a strong, long-lasting material that will not rust or deteriorate outdoors. They have a smooth finish to the metal and a smart and strong glass case through which to easily view signs. The poster frame’s glass can also be cleaned easily, to ensure that information stays visible at all times.

If you would like a selection of posters commonly inserted into such frames, we also stock a popular range, including the essential fire safety poster. Other popular posters often sold with our easily mountable external poster frames are centered around the health and wellbeing of staff, such as the first aid in the workplace poster.

All of our external poster frames come complete with all the required wall-mount fixings, to ensure they are quick and easy to mount onto a range of flat, external wall surfaces – ensuring that you can start alerting your staff to important safety announcements as soon as possible.

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