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Rough Terrain Sack Truck Extended Foot Iron

Extended foot plates for extra security carrying loads on rough terrain sack trucks


£22.95 ex. VAT ( £27.54 inc. VAT)
  • Adds extra security when transporting heavy or bulky loads
  • Fits heavy duty sack truck models MAT0001 and MAT0002
  • Available in red or blue

Sack trucks, also known as hand trucks, dollies, trundlers, two wheelers and sack barrows, offer a convenient way to manually move loads and deliveries. Our heavy duty rough terrain sack trucks are ideal for carrying loads of up to 300kg over uneven surfaces and rough terrain.

The extended foot iron is a plate that extends the carrying surface at the bottom of the truck. This adds extra security and helps prevent spillage of loads. This can be particularly important on rough terrain.

Made of robust mild steel, the extended foot iron for rough terrain sack trucks is tough, durable and helps ensure the safe transfer of heavy or awkward loads.

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