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Executive Aluminium Key Cabinet - Key Clips (6 Pack)

Further organise your executive aluminium key cabinet


From: £3.79 ex. VAT ( £4.55 inc. VAT)
  • Pack of 6
  • Secure tag slot
  • Curved tip for hanging

Complete your experience with our executive aluminium key cabinet, with this pack of six key clips.

Available in a range of colours, ranging from modest to vibrant, there's no end to the ways that you can brighten your workplace while maintaining order. Designed to work with our executive cabinets, each keyring features a curved tip, allowing them to be gracefully hung from the cabinet's rails. All hanging at an even height, finding the desired key will be a breeze.

Flipping open, the transparent top can easily house printed or written labels, meaning that you'll not only be able to colour-code the keys, but lay out their specific locations, too. With all this organisation, no further time will be lost on fumbling through identical sets. Simply open the cabinet, flip through the racks, and pick out the required tag to open your chosen door.

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