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High visability escape equipment storage

High colour, easily recognisable cabinet for escape equipment

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From: £89.99 ex. VAT ( £107.99 inc. VAT)
  • Safe and weather-proof storage for emergency equipment
  • Quickly find and utilise escape equipment in an emergency
  • Multiway fitting to suit your business premises

This high-visibility, bright green cabinet for emergency escape equipment provides a convenient way to store breathing apparatus and escape equipment which can easily be found even by someone who isn’t familiar with your building.

The strong, durable cabinet will last for years and offers several different fittings so you can wall mount it, fit it to the floor or mount it on a post, giving you the choice of where to put it in the most prominent position.

Why not further enhance your storage onsite, with our large PPE storage cabinet, so every one of your staff knows the right equipment to use for every situation and where to find it?

Our medicine cabinet is also a perfect addition to your safety cabinet collection. It is easy-clean, stackable, and securely lockable, collecting everything you need in case of injury in one place.

Why not browse our site and look at our range of safety equipment to protect your staff?

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