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Classic wrist and thumb support for strains and sprains

Ergodyne support for your wrist and thumb to prevent strains.

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From: £3.60 ex. VAT ( £4.32 inc. VAT)
  • Robust support for your wrist and thumb
  • Ergodyne design provides maximum support against sprains and strains
  • Available in small, medium, and large for the perfect fit

There are a multitude of tasks in the work place that can cause sprains, strains, and other stress-related injuries. Your wrists and thumbs are particularly high risk for such injuries, due to the large number of tasks we perform with our hands every minute of every day. If you do any kind of repetitive motions with your hands, such as typing, scanning items at a checkout, or physical manual labour, then your chances of developing a repetitive stress injury (RSI), or carpal tunnel syndrome, are much higher. RSIs are particularly nasty, causing a great deal of pain. They are also very difficult to reverse. Once the damage is done it is usually permanent. Carpal tunnel is also incredibly painful, and requires surgery to correct the issue, which is not always 100% successful.

If you want to avoid developing stress related injuries, and having to go through the pain and trouble of dealing with carpal tunnel, or other RSIs, these cleverly designed Ergodyne wrist and thumb supports are perfect. They provide classic wrist support for all forms of stress related injuries, and ambidextrous wrist protection for either hands or thumbs. The specially designed support is made from neoprene for maximum flexibility, and is fitted with a reversible clasp. It will protect your joints from sprains, and doubles as excellent protection against the cold. The design shields your hands and wrists from the elements, supporting your joints, while leaving your fingers and thumbs free. This ensures you can support your wrist and thumb without losing fine motor function.

The supports are available in sizes small, medium, and large, to ensure you have the perfect fit. Looking for additional safety support? Why not try our Ergodyne Fingerless Impact Gloves, our Ergodyne Proflex 9012 Vibration-Reducing Wrist Support Gloves with Leather Palms, or our JSP MK1 Hard Hat.

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