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Hooped High Impact Guard Rails

Protect fire hydrants, cables and other important equipment from harmful impact

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From: £79.05 ex. VAT ( £94.86 inc. VAT)
  • Impact protection for fire hydrants, electrical cabinets or other equipment
  • Constructed from strong, sturdy steel tubes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

These robust equipment guard rails are designed to protect valuable or important equipment from accidental impact. They are an excellent solution for keeping fire hydrants, electricity cabinets, or any other permanently installed machinery or equipment safe from damage. Measuring 1,000 mm tall and 610 mm wide, they are large enough to offer protection for small to medium size equipment - for larger items, consider protection guards with under-run plating instead.

There are two finishes available: galvanised, which provides durability and a glossy metal appearance, or galvanised and powder coated, which offers all of the durability with the added benefit of improved visibility. For busy areas in which vehicles are frequently coming and going, the powder coated yellow option is usually most suitable as it can help drivers to see the potential hazard much more easily. The unpainted galvanised finish is often favoured in areas in which the guard should blend into its surroundings, as it is a little more inconspicuous than the eye-catching yellow finish.

Since they have a durable galvanised finish, these equipment guard rails are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, in car parks, factories, warehouses or anywhere else that important equipment could be at risk of damage if hit by a vehicle. Each of these guard rails is fitted with sturdy surface mount plates in order to be securely screwed to the floor, and they are therefore best suited to be mounted to concrete.

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