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Epoxy Shield maximum durability gloss finish floor coating

A hard-wearing covering for floors in heavy traffic areas


£94.25 ex. VAT
£85.77 ex. VAT ( £102.92 inc. VAT)
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Resistant to solvents, chemicals and car tyres
  • Dries with an attractive gloss finish

To keep your floors in excellent condition, it's important to apply a suitable floor coating. For areas with high traffic, this maximum strength Epoxy Shield floor coating does the job perfectly. It's easy to apply and dries with a gloss finish that will look smart, attractive and professional.

The water-based floor coating is resistant to chemicals, solvents, car tyres and heavy footfall. Once applied, it provides a long-lasting covering to your floors, keeping them looking great and preventing damage. With different colour options available, you can choose one that gives you the look you want for your business, or to increase the visibility of certain areas. You can also use additives like decorative flakes for an extra level of customisation.

Using this product on the floors of heavy-traffic parts of your business helps ensure your floors will stay in top condition for as long as possible.

Customer Reviews

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8 years ago

Service: Up until today I have been quite happy with my experiences with the Safety Shop but I have had 2 dealings with you today 1. I phoned in 1st thing this morning to order some salt I was told you had just had a delivery and after covering back orders had approx 200 bags left and she would get some-one to ring me straight back to place my order. I had to ring back twice as no-one rang me at the 3rd attempt I was told you had none in stock and hadn't had a delivery this morning!! 2. I later phoed to order an electric heater at £99.95 to be told you had 3 in stock. I received e-mail confirmation that my order was ready went to collect only to be told you hadn't got any and there must have been something else in the location. I have now sourced both products from elsewhere.Our response:

Product: Good

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