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Non Slip Entrance Matting

Ergonomic entrance matting ensures safety for business visitors.

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From: £98.90 ex. VAT ( £118.68 inc. VAT)
  • Hard wearing and durable
  • Collects debris to prevent it entering the building
  • Soaks up water

Is your workplace floor a potential hazard or a lawsuit waiting to happen? Negate the risk and order our non-slip entrance matting today. Without this marvellous matting, wet weather could have harmful consequences for anyone entering your place of business. To ensure safety underfoot at your workplace entrance, something to soak up the water along with something allowing damp shoes to grip should be installed. Our non-slip entrance matting meets both of those criteria and will allow you to relax and feel confident that your customers will not get the impression you do not care if they get injured or die.

Along with gruesome injuries and horrible deaths, you’ll be pleased to know that the mat also prevents debris from entering the workplace. The debris falls through holes in the mat and can easily be swept up once the mat is lifted.

The mat is available in three colours and three sizes, allowing you to prevent slippages while coordinating with your colour scheme.

Make sure the areas where you don’t have matting fitted are protected as well with our anti slip floor primer, which provides extra grip in potentially damp areas like doorways and in high traffic areas where feet constantly treading the floor can wear it away to a shiny finish and make it harder even for rubberised work boots to grip. Primer may seem like a pointless task, but remember, being prepared is being safe, so slap it on and feel confident that there will be no unfortunate accidents in your business.

Non slip entrance matting really is the messiah of all the rubberised mat types and can bring peace, joy and less broken limbs to your workplace.

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