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'Ensure PPE is in Acceptable Condition' Locker Sign

Make sure employees take responsibility for their own protective equipment


From: £5.10 ex. VAT ( £6.12 inc. VAT)
  • Eye-catching design to grab attention
  • Ideal for displaying on lockers for maximum visibility
  • Includes universally-recognised warning symbol

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is only at its most effective if it's not in poor condition, and it shouldn't be used if it is. Instead of carrying out extensive checks every day, transferring the responsibility to your staff means that they'll take more care over their protective gear and understand the importance of it being in good condition.

Displaying these signs on lockers, in changing rooms or in areas where PPE is kept ensures they will be extremely visible to employees. As these points are often the last places visited before beginning work, it means the message will be fresh in people's minds at the most important point.

The highly-visible design helps the sign to be noticed and understood, with a universally recognised symbol included to further help grab attention.

Using the locker space to display safety messages is highly effective, and our range of locker signs has many different options.

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