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Weather-Resistant 'Ensure Grit Bin is Always Stocked' Sign

Don't be caught with low grit supplies when you need them most


From: £8.75 ex. VAT ( £10.50 inc. VAT)
  • White-on-blue print for high visibility
  • Durable outdoor materials
  • Flexible vinyl option for curved surfaces

Because grit bins are normally only used for part of the year, they can be easily forgotten about the rest of the time. This means that there's a risk of coming to use them during an icy spell only to find that the contents were used up long ago and the bin wasn't restocked.

Displaying this sign on or near your grit supply helps encourage people to restock the grit bin after use, ensuring there will always be a supply available for whenever it's needed. This means you don't have to make alternative arrangements when ice makes the ground unsafe.

The colours used in the sign increase visibility, which makes it more effective at getting people's attention. The materials on offer are suitable for outdoor use, and the vinyl option can be displayed on curved surfaces.

Our ultimate grit bin kit has everything you need to effectively deal with icy ground.

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