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Enpac Spill Scooter

Safely move and dispense from drums


£291.00 ex. VAT ( £349.20 inc. VAT)
  • Contains spilled fluids in the well
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Durable construction that won't rust or corrode

When dealing with large fluid drums, it's useful to be able to move them easily and have a convenient and safe way to dispense from them. For vertical dispensing, spillage can be a real problem and a potentially serious one with many of the hazardous chemicals around. At the very least, regular chemical spills risk damage to floors, equipment, and clothing.

The Enpac Spill Scooter is an effective and convenient solution to the problems of transportation and spillage while vertically dispensing fluid from drums. The Enpac company is well-known for its expertise in spill prevention and containment, and this knowledge is applied effectively to this and other products. For safe and easy horizontal drum tapping, take a look at the Enpac Poly Dolly, which enables easy tilting and movement.

The Spill Scooter has swivel castors and a long, pivoting metal handle, so moving drums around once loaded onto the unit is easy and quick. The rim of the base is wider than a drum, and features a well to safely catch any spills that occur, so the excess liquids can be disposed of in a controlled manner. The base is made from polyethylene, a strong plastic that won't rust or corrode like other materials would. This lets the unit stand up to heavy use, and keeps it in top condition over time. A simple but highly effective product, the Enpac Spill Scooter is a great investment in quality that helps keep productivity high at work while also preventing unnecessary health and safety problems.

In addition to dealing with spills while moving and dispensing from drums, it's important to store them safely and securely. Our spill trays provide a stackable storage solution that helps keep the work area clean and hazard-free.

Additional Information

Brand Enpac
Load Capacity 204 kg
Material Polyethylene
Size (H x Dia.) 230 x 880 mm
Sump Capacity 42 L
Supplied in Single
Weight 11 kg

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