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Highly visible, instructive employee only signs

Employee only signs in a range of materials, fixings and sizes


From: £4.99 ex. VAT
From: £4.54 ex. VAT ( £5.45 inc. VAT)
  • Compliant with EU and UK Law
  • Available in rigid plastic or vinyl
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

If you own a business in which there are a high volume of customers who visit regularly, it is of utmost importance that the areas in which they are not permitted to enter are clearly signed. Failure to do so can endanger staff and visitors alike, and allow for theft, confusion and other significant issues for your business. A customer may walk into a room full of heavy machinery or a kitchen area, allowing them to be exposed to hazards for which your business is not insured, and it is the duty of the business to provide clear signage to make sure that visitors and customers are kept informed at all times. With SafetyShop's employee only signs, a clear and direct instruction is provided.

Available in rigid plastic or vinyl, and a range of sizes and fixings, the item can be adapted to suit the needs of your site or business. It is resistant to extremes of weather and vandalism, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use, as well as in a permanent or temporary setting. Compliant with The Health and Safety Regulations of 1996 and ISO 7010, the item allows you to rest assured that your site is legally, clearly and correctly signed.

Used in conjunction with our other authorised persons only signs and access awareness signs, employee only signs are a valuable and important part of your business' procedure and compliance, allowing for a safe working environment for its staff, and one that allows for no grey areas in its practice.

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