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Durable High-Visibility Orange Plastic Emergency Whistles

Attract attention in emergency situations – perfect for fire marshals


£7.99 ex. VAT ( £9.59 inc. VAT)

  • Bright orange for increased visibility
  • Strong, lightweight plastic keeps the whistles in good condition
  • Integrated hole allows the whistles to be hung around the neck

If a fire breaks out on your premises, your fire marshals or wardens could turn out to be the most important people in your organisation. Responsible for overseeing evacuation procedures and ensuring the safety of everyone else, it's important to ensure your marshals have all the equipment and training they need to do the best job possible.

Because your fire wardens might need to attract people's attention while organising an evacuation, it's vital to give them a way to do so clearly and easily. These whistles are a cost-effective way for fire wardens to make a sharp, loud noise which can be heard even while people are panicking and alarms are sounding. Although the whistle produces a loud, shrill sound that can be heard in most situations, you may find that our gas-powered air horn is a better choice for particularly loud environments, or on outdoor sites.

These whistles are constructed from bright orange plastic, which is lightweight but extremely durable, making them easy to carry. The orange colouring increases their visibility, which helps wardens to locate them quickly in an emergency. Each whistle has an integrated hole, which can be used for inserting a string or chain so they can be hung around the neck for easy access and to prevent them getting lost.

Because there are many different items a fire marshal might need to do their job properly, our complete fire warden kit is an excellent way to provide them with everything at once. With equipment from high-visibility and accessories and first aid supplies to a megaphone, this is a great choice for large businesses or those with complex evacuation routes.

Although fire wardens or marshals are there to help people and make sure they can all exit the building safely if a fire occurs, it's down to everyone in your business to play their part in fire safety. Our extinguishing fires at work DVD is the perfect way to train everyone in tackling fires, so they can help cut the risk of a large fire if they're in the area when flames break out.

Additional Information

Size (L x W)
Application Issue to emergency staff
Brand Homesaver
Colour(s) Orange
Material Plastic
Material Plastic
Pack Qty. 10
Packaging Qty. 6
Product Description Emergency Whistles
Supplied in Pack of 6

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