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Red Emergency Stop Sign.

Emergency stop sign available in a range of materials.


From: £4.50 ex. VAT
From: £4.10 ex. VAT ( £4.91 inc. VAT)
  • Clear, eye-catching design
  • Compliant and up to date
  • Self-adhesive

When using heavy machinery, your staff members should be clearly notified of the location of its emergency stop button. Failure to provide clear information on that matter can result in danger for staff members or anyone in the surrounding area, permanent damage to the machine or batches of broken or flawed product. An emergency stop overrides the machine in question to stop it immediately without the normal procedure, providing quick, emergency cessation to its running.

Safeshop's emergency stop sign provides the correct notification of the button as written in EU and UK law, conforming to ISO 7010 and thus ensuring compliance with the latest health and safety regulations for the workplace. Its pliable, self-adhesive vinyl is durable and malleable to different surfaces such as cylinders, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage when applied to smooth, dry surfaces. A hugely important sign for any area with heavy machinery, the item ensures safety and legal compliance at once.

When combined in a workplace with any other relevant safety signs or information signs, an emergency stop sign allows for safe and well-informed staff and means you are covered for any insurance if an accident or issue arises. UK and EU safety laws for the workplace are there to keep staff and business owners alike prepared for any eventuality, and correct signage is as important a workplace feature as regular training or safety literature is. Make sure that your staff are prepared for any eventuality by ensuring that your signage is up to date and compliant.

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