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Heavy-duty location sign for Emergency Showers

Provides internationally recognised health & safety informtion


From: £4.99 ex. VAT
From: £4.04 ex. VAT ( £4.85 inc. VAT)
  • Symbols and colour scheme complies with national and international guidance
  • Ideal for workplaces where work with hazardous substances requires an emergency shower installation
  • Durable, moisture resistant materials that can be used in wide range of locations

Emergency showers are a common First Aid or safety feature in a wide range of workplaces. Corrosive chemicals and other hazardous substances can all cause serious damage if they aren't washed from the skin as quickly as possible. When necessary, rapid access to an Emergency Shower is essential. The Emergency Shower location signs are ideal to enable workers, customers and other personnel on site to swiftly locate the Emergency Shower, ensuring they are able to access it rapidly.

The notices for Emergency Showers that we sell are colour coded green and white - the internationally recognised colour scheme for a First Aid facility. The green and white colour scheme is continued through our other First Aid related products. If you also need to order First Aid Box signs or Eye wash signs (commonly an eye wash is installed along with an Emergency Shower, so that chemical splashes to the eye can be swiftly dealt with), you'll find they come in the same distinctive style. Consistent design and colouring helps everyone on site to quickly discover where First Aid facilites are located, even if they aren't particularly familiar with the layout of the building.

Each sign for Emergency Showers is constructed of either rigid plastic or vinyl. Both these materials are extremely durable and are also fairly inert materials, making them ideal for environments where there is the potential for contact with hazardous substances. The signs can be attached to a suitable surface using fixings, or tied to a post or fence. For indoor locations where there is a suitable wall or other flat surface available, the self-adhesive option may be more useful. These Emergency Shower information notices are built to last and require minimal maintenance once in place. They can be used on their own, or as part of a comprehensive health & safety information system that safeguards the well-being of everybody in the workplace.

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