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Long-lasting emergency glow sticks

Provides a safe source of light during an emergency situation.


From: £13.99 ex. VAT ( £16.79 inc. VAT)
  • Several different colours available
  • Simply bend and shake to activate
  • 10 glow sticks per pack, with each stick measuring 150 mm in length

During an emergency situation, it’s vital that people are able to clearly see their surroundings so they can safely exit the area.

When the electricity fails and there is no natural light to see by, our emergency glow sticks will quickly prove indispensable.

They won’t spark or flame and are both non-flammable and non-toxic, making them safe to use even in hazardous environments. They’re water-proof too and won’t sink under any circumstances.

Available in yellow, white, red, green and blue, once activated they will last for a maximum of 12 hours, with the green sticks able to reach a maximum of 36 hours.

You may also be interested in our durable and highly visible orange plastic emergency whistles, which are perfect for fire marshals and wardens to attract people’s attention in an emergency situation.

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