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Temporary window repair film

Keep windows together in an emergency


£249.99 ex. VAT ( £299.99 inc. VAT)
  • An alternative to paying for boarding up
  • Clear, so light can get through
  • Easy to apply

A broken window is a major pain. Not only will it be costly to repair, but the prospect of boarding it up in the meantime involves further expense. Instead of paying for a company to board up a broken window for you, our emergency glazing film allows you to carry out a temporary repair yourself, holding the remaining glass in place until it can be properly repaired or fully replaced.

To draw attention to glass walls and partitions, apply glass warning transfer stickers to warn people of its existence, as sometimes it can't easily be seen, causing injuries as well as breakages. Other reasons for broken windows, however, include accidental damage by flying debris and deliberate vandalism.

The emergency repair film is easy to apply to broken glass, although care should be taken. Once in place, it will help keep the window safe while you wait for repairs. A benefit of using a film instead of boarding up is that it is transparent, so light is still allowed through the window as normal. It is also much less noticeable than a boarded up window, which can be extremely unsightly. This may be particularly important if your business relies on customers visiting its premises. Other situations where this is a better option are in schools and hospitals.

The film is supplied on a roll, and measures 1000 x 1500mm. It can be cut to the perfect size for the repair needed, and can be kept in storage for when it's needed. This means you'll have it ready to secure any broken glass immediately, without leaving it as a risk to health and safety. For one-off jobs, we also stock individual sheets of window film in a selection of different sizes.

Additional Information

Application Temporarily repairs broken windows
Colour(s) Transparent
Description Clear repair film for emergency window repair
Material Film
Roll Size (W x L) 1000 x 1500 mm
Supplied in Single

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