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Elevator guard creates a barrier for public elevators and escalators

Elevator guard prevents the use of public elevators and escalators when necessary


£208.10 ex. VAT
£189.37 ex. VAT ( £227.25 inc. VAT)
  • Upright, sturdy and stable barrier
  • Suitable for openings 1,300mm wide
  • Link several guards to create longer barriers.

Our elevator guard prevents the unauthorised use of elevators and escalators in public areas when necessary. The easy-assembly, two-panel unit features 2.2-metre, non-conductive, telescopic poles that keep the barrier stable and upright when in use. These can be stored conveniently inside the unit when not in use.

Each panel is supplied with safety signs that warn, "No admittance - authorised personnel only," to ensure public safety. Each elevator guard is suitable to cover an opening of 1,300mm wide. The units can be linked together to create a longer barrier where required. Each panel measures 110mm high x 660mm wide and they are supplied in packs of two.

The elevator guard is manufactured from durable polyethylene, a lightweight yet extremely tough material. Each guard weighs only 9kg, for easy manoeuvring, yet is extremely sturdy and long-lasting.

Employers are required, by law, to make sure the working environment is safe for employees and visitors, with necessary steps taken to reduce the risks of injury. In fact, health and safety is arguably the most important aspect of the workplace.

One of the most effective ways to safeguard your business premises is to erect barriers and clearly mark out no-go zones, highlighting potential hazards and keeping you in line with the mandatory legal requirements for the workplace.

Because lifts and escalators are among the few modes of public transport that are in continual, unsupervised use, including by senior citizens and young people, they are subject to stringent safety checks, with British and European standards imposing strict guidelines on maintenance.

This is why elevator guards are crucial, to prevent people from inadvertently using the escalators and injuring themselves, should they be out of service for repairs, for example.

The elevator guards are part of our large range of safety and security barriers to suit every industry and situation.

Our large stock of barriers includes safety expanding barriers that can be transported and stored using minimal space.

We also supply the SuperGard polyethylene folding plastic barrier system that allows you to create barriers of almost any size. Its built-in, snap-on hinges enable easy installation and removal, with the polypropylene construction providing a durable, yet lightweight, barrier.

Additional Information

Supplied in Single
Size 110 (H) x 660mm (W) per panel

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