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Fire-Resistant Electronic Safes

Secure storage for your valuables with an electronic lock.


From: £399.00 ex. VAT ( £478.80 inc. VAT)
  • Insurance rating of £4,000 cash and £40,000 valuables
  • Override master combination
  • 30 minute fire resistance

This electronic safe is a secure way to ensure your valuable belongings, cash and sensitive documents are looked after. You might also be concerned with the secure storage of data, in which case we provide data combi safes which combine the benefits of four safes in one.

This electronic safe features a battery-driven electronic lock with the battery box on the front of the safe. This means easy replacement of batteries when they run out, keeping the safe running without hassle.

The safe comes complete with the fixings needed to bolt it down. When bolted, the safe provides maximum security and can be insured to secure valuables up to the value of £40,000, plus up to £4,000 in cash.

It's not only theft that you'll want to protect the safe's contents from. In the event of a fire, this model offers fire resistance for up to 30 minutes. This gives you much greater peace of mind that whatever you need to store will come to no harm.

In case you run into problems, the safe has a master override combination to help prevent you getting stuck without being able to access the contents. This can help you avoid disaster in the event that you need to use it.

The safe is available in three different sizes, and there will be one to suit your needs as well as the space you have available.

In addition to anything you might need to keep in your safe, you may need to store permit documents. Keep them safe and sound in our locking permit document box. You'll always have them to hand without having to keep them somewhere that isn't secure, or give up valuable space in your safe.

Customer Reviews

100% of customers liked this product

6 years ago

Service: Very good service next day delivery in most cases

Product: In most areas good, but with one unit we are having problems with batteries falling out

7 years ago

Service: Staff taking orders always helpful and friendly effiecient

Product: Excatly as described in catalogue andright size for small amount of keys we keep

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