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Plastic or Laminated Paper Electric Shock Treatment Poster with Photographs

First aid advice for dealing with electrical injuries at work

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From: £10.50 ex. VAT ( £12.60 inc. VAT)

  • Available in different durable materials
  • Three sizes on offer to suit your available space
  • Simple text and photographs for easy understanding

Electric shock is a particularly serious type of injury and one that requires specialist knowledge to treat and deal with effectively. While staff trained in first aid will have been given advice on treating electrical casualties, they're not always available if an injury occurs, and sometimes forget what they've learned in the panic of an emergency. This poster provides an overview of the essential information people should know if a colleague receives an electric shock, and its simple layout and photographic illustrations make it easy to find the right advice.

Although training employees with our electrical safety DVD or whichever other methods you find effective is a good way to minimise the risk of injury, they still occur for various reasons. With this poster, people can find out what they should do when these situations arise. It's divided into simple steps, which reduces the panic people feel when faced with a large chunk of information in an emergency.

The poster is available in laminated paper, semi-rigid plastic or a partly recycled rigid plastic, all of which are durable and stay in good condition, even in heavy traffic areas. There are also different sizes offered, so you can choose the right one to fit into the display space you have available. Creating a central point for first aid information helps people to find what they need to know as quickly as possible, whether it's specialised advice as with this poster, or a general guide in the form of a complete first aid manual.

With this poster, the risk of electrical injuries becoming serious is minimised, as people will be confident of the action they should take while they await professional assistance, if required. If there are areas in your business where electric shocks are a particularly high risk, mounting one of our insulated rescue hooks on the wall lets people remove the casualty from the power source quickly and safely.

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