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Steel electric fan heater with safety thermostat

High quality fan with adjustable heat output


From: £167.90 ex. VAT ( £201.48 inc. VAT)
  • Available in outputs from 3kw-15kw
  • Tough and durable
  • Insulated handles

Safety is paramount in any working environment and this electric fan heater offers a safe and durable source of heat suitable for any industrial working environment. The unit’s heating elements are made out of stainless steel and their temperature can be easily adjusted to ensure maximum effectiveness. The built-in thermostat also ensures that the unit will not overheat and therefore makes it very safe to use.

Large insulated handles ensure that the heat generated does not pose a risk to users and ensures safe handling. The heater’s casing is bright and distinctive and this ensures that it is easily seen by people working near it.

The controls are also simple and straightforward. We also have a range of mains connectors for use with the heater, meaning you can start using the heater straight away.

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