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Wipe-clean plastic household swing bin

A durable, wipe-clean swing bin made of durable polypropylene


From: £10.99 ex. VAT ( £13.19 inc. VAT)
  • A wipe clean, easy-to-use swing lid
  • Made of durable polypropylene
  • Available in a range of different sizes

Busy family households, offices and workplaces can generate lots of unwanted rubbish, and it is important for basic health and safety that it’s disposed of carefully. That’s why it’s essential to keep indoor bins in every room. This multi-purpose swing bin provides a perfect solution. It’s made of durable polypropylene which can be easily wiped clean whenever needed, making it great for keeping food waste hygienically stored in the kitchen, or for holding bathroom rubbish. Unlike bulky metal bins, it’s also lightweight, which means it’s easy to move from room to room when needed.

Unlike an ordinary touch-top or lift-up lid, the swing bin has a handy hinged lid which swings open when pushed, making it quick and easy to refill with one hand. It’s also a great solution for health and hygiene, as there is no need to touch or contaminate the lid, particularly when handling kitchen waste. Fill with a strong disposable bin liner, then simply remove the whole lid for emptying and replacing regularly.

This versatile swing bin is available in a range of different sizes to suit every room or requirement. Choose from an extra-large bin with a generous capacity for storing everyday kitchen or workplace rubbish, or a more compact one which is ideal for storing under office desks or gathering food waste for easy disposal. It is also designed with a rectangular shape which means it fits neatly against the wall or in narrow corners, without cluttering up the room.

For offices and workplaces, it may be a good idea to choose multiple bins for separating different types of rubbish, which may also contribute to helping the environment. For example, choose a small swing bin for food waste, one for ordinary landfill waste, and another for separating recycling – great for disposing of used paper and cardboard. Alternatively, you could use our colour-coded swing bins.

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Product Description Economy Swing Bin

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