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Durable Impact-Resistant Safety Goggles

Economical safety goggles, compact, lightweight and highly resistant to impact


£1.05 ex. VAT ( £1.26 inc. VAT)

  • Compact and lightweight safety goggles
  • Provide maximum protection for eyes
  • Economical yet tough design with ventilation for added comfort

When it comes to safety in the workplace, proper eye protection is paramount. There are so many different situations that can result in danger to your eyes, from bright light and sparks to objects falling and small items flying around, as well as the heat and fumes of industry and production. Whether you are in a laboratory, a mechanics shop, a factory, or even work as a cleaner, you are very likely to encounter situations that threaten the health and proper function of your eyes. Strong chemicals can cause painful and sometimes permanent reactions, ranging from a mild case of watering to permanent blindness. Heat, light, sparks and flames can also cause irreparable physical damage to your ocular nerve, and all manner of accidents have the potential to scar your eyes and the surrounding sensitive area of your face.

Keeping your eyes safe is a priority in the workplace. While many things that can affect your eyes are only minor and will pass quickly, they are still uncomfortable and annoying to deal with. If such a situation is likely in your workplace, an emergency eye bath may be a necessity. In addition, there are added dangers for individuals whose sight is impaired, even temporarily, and it is in everyone's best interest if all workers maintain full control of their vision at all times.

For this reason, a robust safety protocol for the eye protection of you, your employees and visitors is essential. These safety glasses are perfectly suited to the purpose. They are lightweight and made from a strong, durable polycarbonate. Compact but easily able to cover your eyes and the surrounding area, the goggles are vented for additional comfort and to prevent them steaming up and obscuring your view.

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Additional Information

Anti-Fog No
Application Manufacture and construction
Brand JSP®
Colour(s) Transparent
Features - Logo No
Fixing Strap
Fluorescent No
Lens Color Clear
Material Polycarbonate
Packaging Qty. 1
Product Description Economy Impact Goggles
Scratchproof No
Supplied in One pair
Type Impact protection goggles
Weight 70 g

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