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Complete Line Marking Car Park Kit from Easyline®

Everything you need for line marking a car park in one easy kit


£543.70 ex. VAT
£494.77 ex. VAT ( £593.72 inc. VAT)

  • Sharp, clear lines
  • Cost effective kit
  • Long lasting paint

If you’re looking for a cost effective solution to mark out your car park correctly and create arrows, numbered lots, reserved and disabled bays, then look no further than our Easyline® Line Marking Car Park Kit.

This comprehensive car park kit comes with everything you could need to clearly mark out any areas in your car park, including clearly pointing the way to exits with direction arrows and using the lettering stencils to create named or labelled bays to avoid confusion.

Easily mark out any disabled bays near your building to ensure that no-one else uses them and create reserved bays for your directors and for visitors.

The Rocol Easyline Edge Line Marking Applicator uses Rocol Easyline® Edge Line Marking Paint which is available in 750ml cans, in a choice of 10 different colours – orange, green, white, grey, red, fluorescent yellow, black, fluorescent pink, blue, and yellow. Each can comes with two different coloured nozzles - a yellow nozzle for line marking and a white one to allow for free hand marks.

The line applicator produces excellent, sharp lines which last and last, due to the traffic grade epoxy paint, allowing you to save money, not only with this comprehensive car park kit, but also in not having to repaint over and over again.

The full kit contains the complete Easyline Edge Applicator, six cans of the white aerosol paint and a whole range of stencils to make your job easier. The stencil set contains 10 number stencils, and the full alphabet, both at 300mm high. You also get a straight arrow, a double-headed arrow, two turning arrows left and right, a walking man and a two-part disabled emblem.

You’ll get the layout of your car park done quickly and accurately with the stencils and the quick drying paint ensures you don’t have to close the car park for hours while you mark out.

If you also have smaller areas to mark, we stock a convenient and comfortable to use Hand Held Paint Applicator.

Additional Information

Brand Rocol®
Kit Contains 1 x ROCOL EASYLINE® Edge Applicator
6 x ROCOL EASYLINE® Edge White Aerosol Paint
1 x Car Park Stencil Set consisting of:
26 x Letters (300mm high)
10 x Numbers (300mm high)
1 x Straight Arrow (650mm x 1100mm)
2 x Turning Arrow Left/Right (650mm x 1100mm)
1 x Double Headed Arrow (650mm x 1100mm)
1 x Walking Man (650mm x 1100mm)
1 x Two-part Disabled Emblem (1520mm x 1520mm)
Specifications / Characteristics Highly durable paint - reduces need for re-painting
Supplied in Single Kit

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