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Easy to manoeuvre mobile steps

The perfect, easy-to-handle steps for workplaces with limited space


From: £1,339.00 ex. VAT ( £1,606.80 inc. VAT)
  • Perfect for workplaces with limited space
  • Customisable: Choose from between 7 and 18 steps
  • An array of safety features to prevent injury

If you have limited space in your place of business and need steps that will go or fit anywhere, these easy-steer mobile steps are ideal. They are fully customisable and you can choose from between seven and eighteen steps, allowing you to select the best option for your needs.

The steps have several safety features, including a handrail up the steps and one on the platform to stop any tumbles. There are mesh and steel coatings on the steps so you do not slip, and there is a safety bar to stop access when the steps are being moved. The steps come on castors to make them easy to get from one side of the workplace to another in quick time.

If these steps are a little big, you should consider purchasing some heavy duty handy steps. These are small but seriously sturdy and will support massive amounts of weight.

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