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'Ear protection required' self-adhesive anti-slip floor strip

Create a clear barrier at the entrance to ear protection zones

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From: £42.10 ex. VAT ( £50.52 inc. VAT)
  • Anti-slip coating maximises safety
  • Ground display increases visibility
  • Self-adhesive backing makes it easy to apply in seconds

Displaying signs on the ground is an extremely effective way to maximise their chances of being noticed, as people aren't used to seeing messages at that level. There's also a tendency for us to look downwards as we walk, so this floor sign is highly likely to be noticed.

Because hearing protection is so important in particularly loud work areas, it's essential to provide a clear warning. This sign helps you ensure everyone entering such areas is aware of the risk so they can check they have the right kind of protection. The long sign can be displayed across entrances to hearing protection zones, creating the impression of a barrier.

With its self-adhesive backing, the sign can be applied in seconds, and once in place, its anti-slip coating will help prevent slipping accidents.

We also stock a range of ear protection signs, making it easy to display warnings at any point.

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