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Batteries - Duracell Ultra M3

Duracell Ultra M3 batteries in a selection of sizes.


From: £3.99 ex. VAT ( £4.79 inc. VAT)

  • Up to 40% longer-lasting than ordinary alkaline batteries
  • Conforms with UK and EU standards
  • Particularly good performance in high-tech or high-drain applications

These classic alkaline batteries give excellent, long-lasting and consistent power in a wide range of electronic devices including, torches, radios, digital cameras, bike lights and remote controllers. They are particularly recommended for technical or digital devices which are well-known for consuming battery power.

Whilst we recommend always carrying spares, it is important to have batteries that you know you can rely on, especially if you are going to be working in the dark. Please note, some industrial applications might require a more rugged battery, such as those from our range of Duracell industrial batteries.

The Duracell Ultra M3 battery is available in sizes, AA, AAA, C and PP3 9V. It is stocked in handy packs of five so that you can always be guaranteed a spare battery and each pack is priced accordingly. The AAA battery is usually used in small devices with a low current draw, such as remote controls, and the AA is suitable for devices with a higher drain and has approximately three times as much power capacity as AAA batteries. The larger C battery is less commonly used but is often required for children's toys. The rectangular PP3 9V differs from the others because both terminals are at the top of the battery inside a connector that snaps into place - these are often used in fire alarms. We would recommend that you check batteries for fire alarms regularly and ensure that you have adequate numbers of spare batteries.

With all electronic devices, it is advisable to check battery requirements carefully before ordering a pack of batteries as requirements can be varied. This will avoid disappointment and ensure that you have exactly the right battery for you. Another example of good practice might be to keep a range of different batteries in stock, as this will avoid disappointment and, in cases of safety or emergency equipment, ensure that you are complying with regulations.

Customer Reviews

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1 year ago

Service: Excellent service throughout the order, you kept me well informed and were very polite on the phone.

Product: Excellent quality, they last a lot longer than other batteries.

4 years ago

Service: Very good

Product: Good

5 years ago

Service: The woman I spoke with was very helpful

Product: Good

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