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Long lasting Duracell Procell industrial batteries

Industrial strength, durable batteries that you can't buy on the high street.


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  • Provides consistent, dependable performance
  • Sold in bulk for value
  • Available in five sizes.

Finding batteries that will do the job consistently and last a long time can be a minefield. In fact, it's a safety issue. Under the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, employers must provide a well-managed working environment for their employees. If you've let batteries go flat - for instance, if a member of staff needs to inspect some equipment to potentially diagnose a hazardous fault, but the batteries in the torch they need to do it with have gone flat - you've missed the mark. Batteries are found in a surprising number of things - just look around any office, factory, warehouse, school or hospital. It follows, then, that they will need to be regularly replaced.

Trust one of the world's most recognisable brands with these reliable Duracell Procell industrial batteries. Providing consistent, long lasting performance you can rely on, they are the ideal choice for a huge range of industrial uses and devices. Not available on the high street, they provide durability and longevity that eclipses most batteries on general sale. Sold in bulk packs of 10 per size for added value, they are perfect for replenishing multiple items as well as keeping some as spares to hand. Available in five sizes (AA, AAA, C, D or PP3 9V), you can have confidence in the ability of these batteries to power your device for longer.

Looking for batteries that will also help you meet your green commitments? Take a look at our Duracell rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and matching charger unit. Other alternatives to the Duracell Procell industrial batteries include Alkacell super alkaline batteries, Duracell's Ultra M3 batteries or Duracell's best selling Plus batteries.

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Pack Qty. 10

  • Long lasting Duracell Procell industrial batteries
  • Long lasting Duracell Procell industrial batteries
  • Long lasting Duracell Procell industrial batteries
  • Long lasting Duracell Procell industrial batteries
  • Long lasting Duracell Procell industrial batteries

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1 year ago

Service: Very fast delivery

Product: Thought I'd ordered a different colour (c10 red/black) but received yellow/black.. I presume they'll do the same job.

1 year ago

Service: The staff are always professional, helpful and friendly.

Product: This product is very good

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