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Sensitive dual sensor memory thermometer

Allows for simultaneous monitoring of two environments with easy-to-read displays


£25.00 ex. VAT ( £30.00 inc. VAT)
  • Thermometer features two sensors: one inside, and one on external 3m connection lead
  • Tough and durable unit and sensors, suitable for either indoor or outdoor use
  • Can detect temperatures between -50°C and +70°C

Accurate temperature monitoring is essential in many workplace and domestic situations. A shift of just a few degrees can create major problems that can be extremely costly to productivity, the quality and sustainability of stock, and even health. It is often necessary to monitor two areas that are in relatively close proximity, but which may be worlds apart in terms of ambient temperature. This dual sensor memory thermometer is perfect for these situations.

With two totally independent sensors, one built into the unit itself, and another at the end of a 3 metre connection lead, you can accurately monitor two separate environments. The information is constantly fed back to the unit in increments of 0.1 of a degree, either Celsius or Fahrenheit. This information is then easy to read and record as each sensor has its own, clearly labelled, separate LCD display on the front of the impact-resistant main unit.

Each sensor has a handy minimum and maximum temperature function to record any extremes that may be missed. The displays also have their own separate rest functions, helping to avoid any unwanted data losses.

The unit can be wall mounted or propped up on its built in flip-out desk stand. To position the external sensor, simply drill a small hole or find a suitable route through which to run the connection lead. Filling any gaps with sealant will prevent any false readings between the areas.

When operating in cold environments, it is a good idea to wear thermal gloves to keep the hands warm and protect the skin. If you require another measuring tool to monitor your workplace in an alternative capacity, Safetyshop stocks a numerous array of meters and measures for you to select from.

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