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Workplace-friendly drywipe in/out boards

Easy-to-use boards for keeping track of personnel and sharing important messages.


From: £119.99 ex. VAT ( £143.99 inc. VAT)
  • Customisable ‘personnel name’ card inserts
  • Simple ‘In’ or ‘Out’ mechanism next to each name
  • Drywipe board for important messages and announcements

It’s important to always keep track of your employees within the workplace for their own safety and security. Our drywipe in/out boards come in two different sizes (10 names or 20 names) and can be customised via the included card inserts.

Next to each card there is a simple ‘In’ or ‘Out’ mechanism so you’ll always know who is present on site, along with a convenient drywipe section so important messages and announcements can be included, modified or removed on a day-to-day basis.

All the necessary wall screws and fixings come with each board, making them easy to mount wherever required.

You may also wish to purchase our whiteboard deluxe kit, which comes with everything you need to start using your new whiteboard effectively to convey information in your place of work.

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