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Regulation Drug Free Zone Sign

Warns against drug usage inside and outside your premises


From: £9.99 ex. VAT
From: £9.09 ex. VAT ( £10.91 inc. VAT)
  • Let customers know about your zero tolerance drugs policy
  • Durable, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Clear and striking, cannot be missed

If your business or property happens to be located in an area which has issues with drug and drug enforcement, certain steps must be taken to reassure the public of your zero tolerance drug policy. Drug usage in any area is illegal, and can endanger your staff, customers or visitors, not to mention the users themselves. Our Drug Free Zone sign provides a clear message to anyone in the area that strict measures will be taken on the matter.

Manufactured in either rigid plastic or vinyl, the sign is resistant to extremes of weather and vandalism, and its range of sizes allows you to tailor the item to the affected area and ensure maximum visibility. A bold, firm message and striking symbol is printed on the item, making for a sign that is at once a deterrent to any drug use in the area and a notice of security to any passers-by.

Further health and safety issues can be tackled or circumvented with our other safety signs and more general information signs, all of which provide a clear message that is compliant with the law; allowing for well instructed staff, visitors and customers, as well as other members of the public.

Drug use is something that is both illegal and dangerous, and a drug free zone sign is an important notice that your business will not tolerate drugs anywhere near its property, and that police will be informed in due course. This item provides your business with a powerful and clear stance, one that ensures that it is seen as both strong and upstanding.

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