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Strong Double-Sided Packaging or Poster Tape

Strong adhesive that's easy to release, making it ideal for packaging


From: £12.99 ex. VAT ( £15.59 inc. VAT)
  • Versatile adhesive solution
  • Double-sided tape seals packages invisibly
  • Strong, reliable hold

For an alternative to our more traditional packaging tape, this double-sided tape can be used to seal packages invisibly from the inside, creating a neat, tidy appearance. The tape adheres firmly and holds packages securely shut, but can be easily opened when needed.

In addition to its usefulness for packaging, the tape can be used instead of pins or Blu-Tack to fix information to walls and other surfaces. It works well with posters, memos and temporary signs, and can also be used for attaching labels to items.

Because of its versatility, the tape offers a cost-effective solution to many problems around the workplace, saving you the time and money of buying several different adhesive products. It also cuts down on storage space and means there's always a useful adhesive to hand, whatever the job.

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4 years ago

Service: quick service

Product: sticks better than others we have used.

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