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Pump-Action Double Scissor Lifting Table

Perfect for elevated levels in machine workshops and loading bays


£858.00 ex. VAT ( £1,029.60 inc. VAT)
  • Foot pump elevates the platform, trigger smoothly lowers
  • Overload relief valve
  • Polyurethane braked castors

Straining to load and unload items from elevated positions can very easily cause serious back injuries, or lead to slow damage from continual wear and tear. Using a scissor lift table instead provides a helping hand to lift heavy items and lower them to the ground safely. We stock a single scissor lift table for lighter items and lower levels, but for getting those hefty items up higher, the double scissor model is for you.

The lifting mechanism is operated by a foot pump, so you won't need to exert any manual pressure in order to lift whatever you need to on the 500 x 980mm lifting table. Simply pump with your foot to reach the maximum level of 1300mm, and marvel at how easily heavy objects can be raised to the required height for loading. When you need to lower the platform back down to its normal level of 348mm, simply operate the trigger handle and the smooth, controlled descent will help prevent injuries from trapped body parts.

In the event of too much weight being lifted on the table, the overload relief valve will kick in and prevent damage to the equipment and avoid potential health and safety concerns. It's fully compliant with the standard BS EN 1570:1998, which details safety standards for lifting tables.

The castors of the lift table comprise of two fixed and two swivel types, made from polyurethane and complete with brakes and steel centres. Overall, the unit has a weight of just 115kg, which makes it easier to manoeuvre.

If you need help lifting seriously heavy and bulky loads, take a look at our bulk load lifter, ideal for safes and heavy machinery.

Additional Information

Application Elevated by pump action foot pedal, lowered by hand operated release trigger
Colour(s) Blue
Description Double Scissor Lift Table
Fixing 2 fixed / 2 swivel 127mm dia polyurethane braked castors with steel centres
Load Capacity 350 kg
Lowered Height 348 mm
Max Lift Height 1300 mm
Platform Size (W x L) 500 x 980 mm
Specifications / Characteristics Overload relief valve / top of strole bypass valve

BS EN 1570:1998 compliant
Supplied in Single
Weight 115 kg

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