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Mobile stepladder with double safety frame

Maximise safety with this stepladder's unique double frame design


From: £569.00 ex. VAT ( £682.80 inc. VAT)
  • Inner frame lowers when user steps onto the ladder
  • Non-slip rubber treads for extra grip
  • Hard-wearing epoxy powder-coated finish

Mobile steps provide an excellent way to reach the higher levels in warehouses, libraries or any other areas with high shelving. They can be potentially hazardous, however, so these steps maximise safety by employing a unique double frame design.

When the user steps onto the treads, the inside frame lowers, which makes it far safer by minimising the risk of falls. The double-layered frame makes sure the ladder's user is kept securely inside, and the rubber treads provide extra grip to the feet to stop the ladder from slipping or shifting while in use.

The strong construction is finished with an epoxy powder coating, helping to keep the stepladder in top condition for as long as possible.

We have a large range of ladders and other steps for all types of work and environment.

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