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Mobile dollies for heavy duty containers

Dollies with swivel casters to make moving heavy containers easy


From: £43.99 ex. VAT ( £52.79 inc. VAT)
  • Four swivel casters for easy movement
  • Made from plastic that is durable, rust resistance and impact resistant
  • Can deal with temperatures as low as -29°C and as high as 60°C

Containers are a fantastic way to transport heavy loads both indoors and outside.

However, there will always come a point where the load being contained becomes too heavy to lift and move by hand.

That’s where our mobile dollies come in. Each dolly features four swivel castors (non-marking) to make movement a breeze.

Made from grey plastic that is durable and thermal resistant, there simply isn’t a better way to make your heavy duty containers mobile.

Our mobile dollies are designed to be used with our round heavy duty containers, helping to ensure easy and stable transport. Each container is both rust and impact resistant, with built-in handles to make lifting easier and reinforced rims for added durability and strength.

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