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Self-adhesive vinyl dogs allowed sign

Let dog owners know their pets are welcome


From: £2.49 ex. VAT
From: £2.27 ex. VAT ( £2.72 inc. VAT)
  • No fixings required
  • Includes clear symbol alongside text
  • Can be used on curved surfaces

If you're happy to have dogs on or around your premises, letting people know they're welcome with their pets can be a great way to increase footfall and help enhance your company's image. People are very attached to their pets and will often choose a place they can take them over one where they can't.

This clear, high-quality sign is the perfect way to show your acceptance of dog walkers. Alongside the text, the symbol reinforces the information and helps it to be understood by all. The green in the design helps instantly reinforce the positive message. This sign is for areas where all dogs are allowed, but if you only allow assistance dogs, we also supply a sign featuring that particular message.

The dogs allowed sign is self-adhesive, so no additional fixings or adhesives are needed. It takes mere seconds to place and won't cause any hassle. The flexible vinyl means it can be placed on curved surfaces like posts, pillars or poles, and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. The durable materials are cost-effective and won't need replacing in a hurry. As long as the sign is applied to a clean, dry surface, the adhesive will hold it as well as other fixings would, so you can have confidence that you won't have to frequently put it back or replace it entirely.

If you're allowing dogs in outdoor areas, it's important to give people a place to dispose of their waste, so they're more likely to clean up after themselves. Our hygienic dog waste bin helps keep the area clean, safe, and free from unpleasant smells.

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