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Hygienic dog waste bin

Doggy bin with deodorising lid to mask bad smells


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  • Encourages people to clean up after their dogs
  • Can be mounted on a wall or post
  • Dual-position lid

Dog waste left on the ground can be potentially hazardous to health, not to mention being unsightly and extremely unpleasant. Unfortunately, wherever there are dogs, there are people who neglect their responsibility to clean up after them. Providing a designated bin for the disposal of dog waste encourages people to keep the area clean of dog waste by giving them a clear place to leave it safely.

This small, neat bin measures 550mm in height and has a diameter of 390mm. It features a dog sign on the front so that its intended use is clear, and is coloured red, as is common among dog waste bins, to help recognition. The bin can either be mounted on a wall, or fitted on top of one of our dog waste bin posts and placed where needed.

As there is a risk of unpleasant smells in the area of a dog waste bin, this unit features a deodorising block inside the lid. This helps to counteract any odours and keep the area pleasant for all to enjoy. The lid features dual positions so that it can stay upright for ease of emptying, making an unpleasant job quick and painless.

Providing these bins anywhere people walk their dogs, or at the entrances to buildings where dogs are welcome, keeps the area clean and free of dog waste and is a much better option than either cleaning it up from the ground or having people put it in regular bins alongside general waste. Don't forget to remind people of the bin's purpose as well as their duty to clean up after their dogs by displaying one of our dog waste bin signs in a prominent position close to the bin.

Additional Information

Capacity 40 Litre
Colour(s) Red/Black
Fixing Wall or post-mount
Size (H x Dia.) 550 x 390 mm
Specifications / Characteristics Lid deoderising block
Dual-position lid - -self-closing or upright for emptying
Supplied in Single

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