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Eye-catching ‘Clean it up!’ dog fouling sign

Warn dog owners about a £500 maximum penalty for dog fouling.


From: £3.50 ex. VAT
From: £3.19 ex. VAT ( £3.82 inc. VAT)

  • Several different materials, sizes and fixings available
  • Can be used in public and private locations
  • Helps to keep the surrounding area clean at all times

Many public and private locations allow people to walk their dogs.

Usually this isn’t a problem, as responsible dog owners will pick up their dog waste in a plastic bag and deposit it in the nearest bin.

However, not all dog owners are responsible and some will quite happily leave the mess for someone else to clean up – or stand in.

Not only will this make the location seem far less inviting for other visitors, it can also pose a serious health problem and leave an unpleasant smell.

Our ‘Clean it up!’ signs are cleverly designed to catch the eye of dog owners and send them a clear message: clean up your dog’s mess or face a fine of up to £500.

When dealing with dogs in public and private locations, our pre-galvanised dog waste bins combine a hygienic chute system and lockable sack retainer to keep dog waste out of sight and reduce odours.

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