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Do not operate' instructive safety signs

Ensure that rules and regulations are followed with handy signs


From: £4.00 ex. VAT
From: £3.24 ex. VAT ( £3.89 inc. VAT)
  • Available in self-adhesive rigid plastic or self-adhesive vinyl
  • Helps ensure that broken, untested or outdated machinery and other equipment is not used
  • Conform to all relevant Health and Safety regulations

These 'do not operate' instructive safety signs will help to minimise the risk of accidents in your workplace when required. When machinery or other equipment breaks town, has not yet been tested, or its test has expired, it can pose a serious risk if workers are not informed, as required by Health and Safety laws. These signs will help to ensure that people are well aware of any potential hazards and do not take risks around unsafe equipment and machinery.

Since the use of these signs is often temporary, and there is a need to install them quickly, they have been made extremely easy to install as soon as they are required. The signs are available in either rigid plastic or vinyl, both of which are self-adhesive and require no additional fixings, meaning they can instantly be put up by anyone. They are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use when applied to a dry surface, making them useful in a variety of different environments.

The signs are designed to conform with all relevant legislation - both the Health and Safety (safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, and BS 5499, which dictates the design and symbols that must be used in warning signs to ensure they are clearly understood.

The signs are easy to apply, durable and robust, and able to be used in a variety of situations. Highly visible and easy to understand, they are the ideal solution for helping your workplace keep up to date with Health and Safety laws and ensuring a safe working environment.

Safety Signs are required for a wide range of potential hazards around workplaces. Take a look at our full range of safety signs, where we can help you comply with any regulations and maintain a safe workplace. We stock a variety of signs for all types of hazards, including electrical, fire, chemical and more. For other safeguards against accidents, check out our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) section.

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