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Self-adhesive vinyl sanitary products warning sign

Durable red and white warning sign for communicating information to washroom users.


£5.25 ex. VAT
£2.63 ex. VAT ( £3.16 inc. VAT)
  • Inform staff and the public what should or should not be disposed of in toilets
  • Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Help prevent blockages

In many instances of toilet blockages, the cause is due to foreign objects being flushed and getting stuck. This includes nappies, sanitary products and wet wipes, amongst other items. It can create serious problems and involve hefty plumbing fees to resolve the issue. It's not something you need to be worrying about in your workplace and can be easily resolved with a few simple changes to your workplace environment.

One way of helping to prevent this from happening is by installing 'do not flush sanitary products' signs in the washrooms. These can be placed in cubicles, by the sinks, above sanitary bins or on doors - depending on where they will be easiest to view. This enables you to clearly and succinctly communicate with staff, public and users about what should and should not be disposed of in the toilet.

This warning sign comes in red and white - bold colours that are universally understood and that will stand out to ensure your message is seen. They are rectangular in shape and 150 x 200mm in size. They are made of self-adhesive vinyl, meaning they're easy to apply to all kinds of surfaces including curved areas. They are also highly durable, ensuring they are long-lasting in the numerous environments and won't get damaged from exposure to water should they be placed near sinks.

These signs are key to helping keep your workplace toilets clean and in constant use without problems or blockages. We also have the same message available in black and white on a rigid plastic sign should you need an alternative option.

You may also like to include our white and green 'please leave this lavatory clean' sign as well to ensure toilets are kept clean and in a hygienic condition at all times.

These signs can be positioned alongside our easy-to-clean hands free and multi purpose sanitary and nappy disposal bins. By positioning them together, it will ensure users adhere to the message of these signs and toilets are kept in good working order.

Additional Information

Material Self-Adhesive Vinyl
Size 150 x 200 mm

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