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Disposable Spill Kits for Chemical, Maintenance and Oil Spills

Single-use, disposable kits for rapid response to small spills.

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From: £56.50 ex. VAT ( £67.80 inc. VAT)
  • UV-resistant foil bags protects inner sorbents from damage, dirt and moisture
  • Compact size is ideal for storage in confined spaces or vehicles
  • Simply rip open bag for quick access in emergency scenarios

These compact, easy-to-use Disposable Spill Kits are perfect for environments which are at risk of small scale spills. Contained within one foil bag is 15 sorbent pads, 3 sorbent socs, a pair of disposable gloves, a pair of goggles, a disposable bag and an instruction sheet to help the user know how to deal with spills safely and efficiently. The foil bag is UV-resistant and provides excellent protection against moisture and dirt for the inner sorbent materials. Plus, it can be easily ripped open to ensure a rapid response during emergency spill situations. Be sure to also check that your workers are trained on how to safely deal with spills and provide reminders of spill protocol by installing a Chemical Spills Safety Poster in areas where the risk of spills is highest.

You can choose from three different types of Disposable Spill Kits and should consider the types of liquids most common in your organisation when selecting the most suitable one. The Chemical kits are designed to deal with harsh, chemical liquids and are best suited to environments which deal with chemicals regularly. The Oil-only kits are suitable for oil and petroleum-based liquids. The Maintenance kits are suitable for dealing with water- chemical- and oil-based liquids, which makes it ideal for organisations which deal with a wide variety of materials on a regular basis.

Due to its compact size, this spill kit is perfect for use in confined areas such as small labs, storage areas and vehicles. Do note, however, that it's only suitable for very small spills and should only be purchased for use in areas where small amounts of hazardous liquids will be stored. If your organisation deals with larger quantities of liquids and has a risk of more substantial spills, a medium-sized spill kit will be more suitable; consider the Mobile Trolley Spill Kit instead. Check out our full spill control equipment range for maximum workplace safety.

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