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Sturdy and simple safety knife

Solid, dependable, safe and lightweight safety knife, with ergonomically designed, high visibility handle


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  • Ideal for safely opening a range of packaging.
  • Features piercing spike, tape cutter, and an ergonomically designed handle.
  • Incorporates key ring for ease of use.

Everyone who works with packaging, either incoming or outgoing, needs a knife on them at all times. A good quality, strong and dependable blade is a must when you are continually faced with tough and well packaged materials. This lite safety knife is just the tool for the job. With its robust, ergonomic design, piercing spike, and concealed, sharp cutting blade, it is the ideal, cost effective knife for the whole workforce.

The high visibility handle fits perfectly in the hand, for ease of use, while the non threatening shape and concealed blade won't cause any unnecessary alarm in public situations. Fixing this safety knife to a belt loop or bag strap with a high quality, flexible plastic lanyard provides the perfect accompaniment for efficiency and peace of mind.

The concealed blade also makes it virtually impossible for any serious injuries to occur, as the cutting edge is recessed deep within the tough plastic of the handle. In fact, it is a shrewd move, and one implemented by many companies, both small and large, to restrict on site blade use to that of safety knives only. That said, accidents do still happen, from stubbed toes to paper cuts. For this reason, a first aid kit should always be close at hand for all employees.

At just 60 x 170 x 10mm in size, the Dispo Lite Safety Knife is the ideal tool for all employees to comfortably keep about their persons throughout the working day.

Additional Information

Brand COBA
Colour(s) Yellow
Description Safety Knife
Size 60 x 170 x 10 mm
Supplied in Pack of 10

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