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Glow-in-the-Dark Disabled Emergency Refuge Point Sign

Clear multi-message instructions for disabled refuge action in the event of a fire

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From: £21.99 ex. VAT
From: £17.81 ex. VAT ( £21.37 inc. VAT)
  • Choice of rigid plastic or self-adhesive vinyl
  • Glow-in-the-dark print for low light visibility
  • Multiple messages in one for a space-saving sign

If there's a fire on your premises, disabled people can have a more difficult time exiting the building than others, so it's absolutely essential that measures are put into place that ensure the safety of all, giving people extra help when they need it. Designating disabled refuge points in your building or on your site means that people know where to go and await help in safety. These points can then be included in the checks made by fire marshals or other personnel, who can make sure everyone is able to evacuate safely.

This multi-message sign combines an indication of the location of your disabled refuge point with other important messages to ensure it's used effectively and that everyone understands the procedures that are in place. Displaying it next to a larger refuge point sign helps people to find their way to safety without delay.

The sign is divided into three sections. The top section, in green, is headed 'Refuge action' and details the purpose of the refuge point. It has spaces to fill in the length of time a person can wait in safety, protected from fire and smoke, and the length of time help should arrive in according to the evacuation plan. The second section, with its blue design, has instructions for the disabled person, telling them to remain calm and wait for assistance. Finally, the red section at the bottom of the sign instructs disabled people not to leave the refuge point or attempt to evacuate the building without assistance. Providing these clear instructions helps to keep people calm until help arrives, and ensures procedures are followed properly.

With a choice of sizes and materials, you can customise the sign according to your needs. Its photoluminescent print makes it highly visible in all lighting conditions, which helps people to find it if there's a power cut or if the building is filled with smoke.

Remember to install an evacuation chair for disabled people who may need to ascend or descend stairs during a fire.

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