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Weather-Resistant 'Wheelchair Ramp' Disabled Access Sign

Provide clear directions for disabled access points to your business


From: £22.05 ex. VAT ( £26.46 inc. VAT)

  • Simple design that's easy to understand
  • Large symbol helps recognition from a distance
  • Durable weather-resistant materials

Disabled people who need a wheelchair ramp to access buildings and other areas need to be able to find their way easily when they arrive at your business premises. This sign lets you easily show the location of your wheelchair ramp entrance, so that confusion and delays are minimised.

The sign is available in a choice of materials, all of which are weather-resistant and suitable for long-term outdoor use. The clear, simple design means the sign is easy to recognise and follow, with no unnecessary extra wording or confusing messages. With the disabled symbol included in a large format, people who are looking for disabled access points will be able to spot the sign easily from a distance.

Used alongside our other disabled access signs, you can ensure your staff and visitors can easily find their way.

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